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After school courses to inspire makers of the future!


Young Inventors offers teenagers engaging after school courses throughout the year, where they can develop their ‘maker skills’ using commercial level machines.

Not just coding.

Young Inventors is delivered in 2 hour sessions every fortnight, over 12 weeks. They focus on students ‘giving it a go’ where we support and guide … rather than teach.

Sessions are always hands on and very practical, with students using everything from traditional modelling tools, to leading edge manufacturing machines & techniques.

We are all about taking ideas from paper to production, not just ‘coding’. Every Young Inventor gets to make their product and unlike other events, they lead their journey … we avidly avoid ‘prescribing design’ - we want our Young Inventors to innovate, not just duplicate!


Add a little seasoning.

To make sure we are ahead of the rest, we use the concept of ‘seasons’. Each 12 week block is one season and focuses around a specific challenge or theme.

At the end of the season, Young Inventors get to take their completed work away with them.

Take a look below at our up coming Season 4 project, and look back at some of the previous seasons too!


Season 4 - Retro Arcade



Starting 13th September at the MAC Birmingham, this season sees our Young Inventors making their very own full size arcade cabinet!

Young Inventors will get to design and make their own arcade cabinet housing, and build all the electronics to make their very own retro arcade - including the controllers, screen, and ‘brains’!

The theme this season is reuse & recycle - so we are expecting to pull apart some vintage monitors, find out out how they work… and if we can use them!

There are still places available so if you want something awesome to do on a Friday night… join us!


Season 3 - Home Assistant with AI



This season sees Young Inventors designing and programming their very own home assistant (like Google Home, Alexa, Siri).

They looked at designing the casing using CNC and 3D printing, as well as learning about AI systems and platforms.

Building the electronics was complicated, as well as the process of ‘teaching’ their home assistants to learn. In the end though, all Young Inventors went home with custom home assistants that could talk back, do some simple maths, and turn on and off their lights!

If you are interested in a Home Assistant Kit, then head over to our store!


Season 2 - Mini Handheld Console



Creating an ultra portable, mini games console was the challenge…

Young Inventors learnt about programmable Arduino PCB’s, as well as assembling their own games console with programmable games!

Using OLED screens, micro inputs (buttons) and passive speakers, they were able to create palm sized games consoles to take home.

In addition, we looked at laser cutting the custom cases, and 3D printing buttons and switches!

Making use of ESP8266 wireless chips, we could go even further and develop multiplayer games… oh, the possibilities!!!


Season 1 - RGB Smart Light



The project that kicked it all off!

Young Inventors looked at CNC manufacturing techniques, learnt how to design using commercial lvel CAD apps, then created ‘toolpaths’ for their lamp designs to be cut out using a CNC Router.

We looked at programmable circuit boards, and learnt how to create simple apps that could control our lights - no need for Google Home or Alexa here!

Assembling up their unique designs, Young Inventors then programmed in their chosen light patterns and tested out their designs!

Any one of the creations made in this season could have been sold to the public, some of our Young Inventors took inspiration from this and started up their own Amazon businesses!

If you want to create your own ‘smart’ light, why not try out our Smart Light Kit in the shop!