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swift conservation

This year, as part of the work MakerLabs is doing with various charities and organisations I came across this really awesome group. The Swift Conservation Organisation helps protect and support swifts in the UK. Having grown up in Lincolnshire I often saw these fantastic birds flying around in April / May. 

These tiny little birds have been around since the Roman era, and make for a great airshow in the summer months. In recent years populations have been under threat, and talking to supporters of Swift Conservation Org, it seems the challenge is getting tougher to help keep these little guys (and gals) in the sky.


How did MakerLabs get involved?

I have been in contact with a few members of the Swift Conservation Groups around the UK, discussing making nesting boxes ( my take on a nest box is on the MakerLabs Store btw) and ways in which they are encouraging swifts to nest. We started talking about the difficulties of fundraising, and I suggested designing a few products that could be sold to the various support groups to help raise awareness for the up coming Swift Awareness Week.

Swift Awareness Week

Swift Awareness Week is between June 16th and 23rd. It sees support groups around the UK fundraise to help support these tiny birds. What I love about this is the massive amount of making that goes on. From designing and trialing different nest boxes (nesting is for a small window each year so various designs have to be worked on before hand, and tested simultaneously) as well as looking at ways to broadcast nesting calls (to encourage birds to take up home in new nests) to name a couple.

How is MakerLabs helping?

So for any Swift Supporter Groups around the UK, this store can provide you with some simple ideas/designs/products to sell and help raise awareness. Of course, if you don't want to purchase through the store, and would rather donate to the cause, go to to find out more.

I will be uploading some simplified box kits that will be available on the MakerLabs store too. These will be available for a limited time, Im hoping to get a few other kits to add onto the boxes... perhaps a bird call module, or a remote camera setup? It would be great to see how well these kits work across the UK, if you do purchase a kit it would be awesome to see a photo of supporters and the nest kits in place....even better if we get Swifts in the photos too!

It would also be good to get ideas or feedback on this. Please send me a message or comment on social media, it would be great to take this project even further!

If you are interested in supporting the conservation of swifts go to: and also