MakerLabs UFO Jacket for Sphero

MakerLabs UFO Jacket for Sphero


A non approved jacket / cover for your Sphero programmable robots.

3D printed in PET plastic... now with added cows! (not real cows)

Kit contains:

2 x UFO rings, Translucent Neon Green

3 x Magnetic Cows

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Recreate your top ten favourite retro alien landings, challenge your students to collect model cows for 'research'. Or simply make space blaster noises in your lounge!

Jacket fits all Sphero models, is 3D printed in translucent 'alien' green PLA plastic. UFO Jacket is a non approved classroom accessory for Sphero, and is designed to expand on the creative challenges Sphero can provide.

Light enough to fit around any Sphero, works best on tables and polished floors. Lesson ideas and challenges are available to download.

The UFO is magnetic, and attracts cows when close - creating a whole universe of possibilities / challenges / competitions for you and your sphero!