MakerLabs Tablet Stand

MakerLabs Tablet Stand


A slot together tablet stand to help you film and take awesome tutorial photos. 

Made from 9mm high grade birch plywood and finished in bees wax, with a MakerLabs fabric tag.

These stands are machined in small batches, as such delivery times are averaging 1-2 weeks. You will get regular updates on your order as is progresses.

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If you use your tablet (like iPad - up to and including the 12" Pro) to take photos or help you record tutorials, you have probably faced the same issues we have. 

Holding the device steady whilst recording and narrating is tricky, especially after holding it for a few minutes! 

This stand is my answer to the problem. Designed to be the correct height above your desk, this will allow you to record video or take photos of exercise books up to and including A4 in width.

The design is made from 9mm top grade Birch Plywood and finished in bees wax. One 'profile' is fitted with the MakerLabs logo.

The two profiles interlock with a simple joint, holding the stand stable and secure. The stand, once assembled correctly, will support iPad Mini's to iPad Pro devices comfortably.

Use this stand in conjunction with your favourite teaching/recording apps. MakerLabs has a selection of tutorials on our favourite apps and workflows!

For a quick setup pop over to our YouTube channel for helpful video guides.