MakerLabs 3D Pen

MakerLabs 3D Pen


We looked high and low for an epic 3D pen, in the end we took the best bits of the pens we found, then asked a lovely factory to manufacture a pen to our specs! the result is the MakerLabs 3D Pen V1!

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Our 3D pen allows you to 'doodle' in solid plastic!

Using 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament(we prefer PLA... less smell!) the pen pulls the filament through a heating element (similar to a glue gun heater) using a small geared motor.

The 'hot end' is protected with a rubberised tip to prevent accidental burns, and is controlled with a simple button on the main body of the pen.

We use the pen in most of our projects, and can be used to create more 'craft' versions of our 3d printed parts.

They are awesome for quick prototyping of ideas, stands, holders, and ornamental objects!

Because these are are first run of 3D pens, please expect slightly longer delivery times (1-2 weeks).


MakerLabs 3D pen contents:

1 x Transparent 3D Pen (so you can see how it works)

1 x USB power lead

1 x USB power plug 5A

2 x Test filament (we like to use ICE Filament)

Link to exclusive project ideas and templates