Desktop iPad Stand

Desktop iPad Stand


A gloriously simple 18mm Birch Ply desktop holder for both your iPad and Apple Pencil. (Other tablets and Styli are available!)

3mm grey felt lines each channel so your devices have something nice to rest on.

Rear slot fits tablets up to 7mm thick, the front slot holds styli up to 9mm thick.

*pictured with iPad Mini 3, compatible with all iPad devices excluding iPad Pro 12"

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Tablets can be held in both portrait and landscape mode.

The simple design allows you to use your own charge cables in any way you see fit. We hate wires!

The top grade Birch Plywood is machined using CNC routers and hand finished to make sure there are no rough spots! A light coating of bees wax is applied to bring out the awesome wood grain and edges. Finished with our MakerLabs Red label... of course!