2 x 3D Printer Package

2 x 3D Printer Package


Why 2 printers? Why not….seriously though… 2 machines gives better flexibility when you know you will be doing a lot of printing. Classrooms and maker-spaces face the challenge of printing a lot in a short time.

We’ve found 2 devices is the sweet spot, not to extravagant but rather highly practical when user/class numbers are high!

What you get:

2 x M200 Pro

2 x 1kg PLA filament

1/2 a day of training from MakerLabs (this could be setup, advice, or just support with projects or ideas!)

AND … if you use this in a maker-space, classroom, or shared workshop, you get all our education resources too (including, setup guides, teaching resources, project and videos… and more as we make them!)

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We have recommended the M200 to everyone we meet. The original M200 has been a reliable partner to us in the workshop. Simple to setup, super reliable, and quick to print good quality objects for class.

The Pro version adds to this great little printer…

Self levelling means no more twisting of dials and feeler gauges (sliding paper under the hotend!)

A quick way to load and start printing with the awesome little touch screen.

Oh, and its wireless too… meaning you can have a whole load of devices sending files to it! Epic!

Here is the official stuff…

Auto Bed Leveling with Live Z ADjustment: No longer will you have to chase the perfect bed level using hex keys and feeler gauges. The new auto bed leveling system allows you to spend less time getting that perfect print started, while the the Live Z adjustment function allows you to dial in an absolutely perfect first layer.

Touch Screen: Simply navigate through the easy to use touch screen to level the print bed, select the part you want to print, and let the printer transfer your designs into reality.

All Metal Hotend: The all metal hotend is capable of superior performance and prevents wear and tear, while the heat brake design allows for efficient dissipation of heat.

Removable Magnetic Build Plate: The easy to remove magnetic build plate makes the often times messy and difficult removal of prints simple and straightforward.