1 idea. 5 days. 1 business.

the first and only accelerator for ‘maker-preneurs’


If you have a killer idea for a product or app but you don’t know where to start to make it a reality…

our maker_start accelerator is the way to go.

Based upon our experience of globally recognised startup accelerators, we have come up with a condensed version to help kick start your idea and help make it a reality.

Combining over 14 years of teaching experience, and 5 years running start up companies, we have a super exciting course designed for booth adults and teenagers.

Our make_start accelerators typically runs over 5 days and is hosted by our founder James Hannam, and covers:

Idea Day

Look at your idea and how it can be ‘made’ (this might be looking at physical prototypes, or digital mock ups)

Design Day

Learn super fast ways to take your idea to reality with different design processes

Develop & Deploy Day

Make your idea by creating prototypes, looking at rapid prototyping (CAD / CNC / CAM / 3D printing / Laser Cutting)

Create an online presence, social media marketing, website design that is quick, slick, and super flexible!

Pitch Day

The accelerator ends in a pitch day where you present your prototype to the world!

We look at the business behind your prototype, how to convey your ideas to investors and how to ask for money to seed your business!


Coming soon…

We have spent this summer delivering Maker Start version 1.9, we are about to launch 2.0… watch this space!

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