Apple & Google certified training, Advice & Consultancy

LearnLabs is my answer to CPD. After spending so much time sat in presentations reading slideshows, or doodling on printouts, I craved training that hit the spot...that wasn't just a first of September checklist training session. This just doesn't have impact. 

I'm a qualified Apple Education Trainer (AET) and certified Google Trainer and GSuite Administrator. Wow. This allows me to offer my experience in teaching and using this type of technology in over 200 schools. I still teach...in a classroom and everything! I'm also lucky enough to be able to guest lecture at university, on ITT  courses. These sessions cover the basics, but also proven ideas around making your life easier... with the tech that is in your hands. 

Apple Education Training

As an Apple Education Trainer I am able to deliver Apple Professional Learning sessions (you can get this at no cost if you buy 25+ iPad devices from an approved Apple Education Reseller)

As an experienced user of iPad in multiple schools, I can help with planning and deployment of devices too. These are often called Vision and Planning sessions, which are also included as APL sessions.


Google Teacher Training

Google 'G Suite' can be one heck of a game changer in schools and businesses. 

As a qualified Google Trainer I am able to deliver teacher focused training as well as provide Google Transformational Planning sessions (often at no cost to you).

These sessions are about getting the basics right, and helping staff get comfortable and understanding how it can be used to save time.


Consultancy & Advice

One of the most enjoyable parts of MakerLabs is helping advise schools.

My approach to consultancy is more about getting my feet under the desk and becoming part of your school or workforce.

My attitude towards consultancy is 10-15 week 'projects' which focus on one or two things. I try to refrain from buzz words... honest!


Use the button below to get in touch if you would like to discuss your school, or to get details of schools I am currently working with. I have a great community of headteachers and educators who would be happy to talk through how I work. I think its important to talk rather than see video clips!