BBC Digital Cities: Connected LED

As part of the Digital Cities events across Birmingham, we are holding an awesome ‘make a connected device’ day at the STEAMhouse. This guide contains all the resources and guides for the sessions held at the STEAMhouse, Birmingham.

Session Outline:

AM (2hrs)

Introduction to James Hannam and the days activities

Tour of the STEAMhouse (with a treasure hunt for parts)

Challenge setting - make a working connected LED kit in 3 hours

Setting up of Apps and Accounts


Coding the hardware - a brief outline and quick download of some epic code

Making your connected device

Wrap up - review of the day, next steps, potential opportunities to make!

What you will need to bring

  • A laptop, tablet or phone with the latest OS available for your device

  • If you can, register for an account with IFTTT and Blynk (having these apps on your device would be brilliant!)

  • Yourself (obviously)

  • Your making head on