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we make kits & courses for any age, or ability, that will give you THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO MAKE STUFF!



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Since 2016 Makerlabs has been delivering STEM based courses and events across the UK for students and teachers.  What we have found though, there loads of adults who also want to make stuff, but may not have the space, time or skills to make a start.

We want everyone to be inspired to make things. 2018 see the launch of our courses, events and projects - all geared to getting you making, with just a few tools...

Remember those weekly/monthly 'collect as you go' magazines that build up into a life sized spaceship, or epic encyclopedia of your favourite TV show ? Well, thats what we are aiming to do. Over the next 12 months we will be releasing projects, tools and equipment that will fit into the most smallest of workshops (even if that's your kitchen worktop!).

You can join in with our online courses, follow along using our tutorials and guides, or completely freestyle by using our projects to inspire you...just as long as you are making things!


KITS, PROJECTS & Equipment

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If you have wanted to start making things, or have a project idea and lack some of the skills, or just don't have the space...

We have you covered!

Our first round of projects aim to use cutting edge technologies (pardon the pun), as well as nod towards traditional crafts.

As we build up our archive of projects we want to expand into craft specialisms (for example leather working) and more in depth techie stuff (like CNC machining). If you want to help with building these projects, get in touch!

For now our range of tried and tested projects are available in a few different forms, click below to find out more!


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